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The Problem With Hotel Review Sites: Wisdom of the crowd? Not quite.


A lot of travelers use hotel review sites to decide which hotel they should stay at. This makes sense, but…

How much can you trust the reviews?

In a lot of cases you’ll find very mixed reviews so it’s very hard to tell. This problem seems more prominent when you look at reviews for luxury hotels — and from our experience in our tireless search for the most amazing hotels in the Asia Pacific region and beyond, we’ve found these 3 key issues with online hotel reviews:

  1. Reviewer’s experience: A traveler who had always stayed in budget hotels who then stays in a luxury hotel will skew towards giving a very positive review. A “seasoned” luxury traveler on the other hand will of course be much more critical. So then you have people reviewing from two very different perspectives, and you don’t really know who is who — which is not very helpful.
  2. “5-star”: In most cases in Asia, the number of stars a hotel claims it has is pretty much meaningless. The star-rating system isn’t like the Michelin star for the hotel industry, so it’s not a great indicator of a certain standard and hence creates confusion on what “5-star” really means. So you then get reviews that say — “this is true 5-star” or “this is more like 4-star” but that’s like comparing a sheepdog to a polar bear. Confused? We are too.
  3. Unrealistic expectations: A $300 per night hotel in Bangkok is going to be very different to a $300 per night hotel in Singapore. Some reviewers expect that when they pay a certain rate, they should receive the same “level” of hotel — which of course will not be the case. You wouldn’t expect a $20 lunch in Siem Reap to be the same as a $20 lunch in Sydney now would you? Also we’ve found that some reviews unfairly compare hotels to other hotels that are not in the same price range. “It’s nowhere near the quality of the Ritz-Carlton” is only a fair statement if you’re comparing it to a hotel that’s the same price range as the Ritz-Carlton, not one that’s half the price.

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The Sneaky Secrets Of Online Travel Agencies Revealed

The fact that you found ImpulseFlyer and are reading this means you very likely have:

  1. An unquenchable thirst for travel
  2. Booked more hotels online each year than had haircuts

What you may not know even though you’ve booked and traveled very extensively is the sneaky truth behind rates on most online travel agency sites. Read more →

The Ultimate High In Bangkok

If you’re a fan of The Hangover Part II, you’ll know that the luxurious Tower Club at lebua was the film set for the box office hit. Located on the 51st to 59th floor with incredible views of the buzzing city of Bangkok, it promises to give you an equally incredible experience.

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